• Find a great name!(harder than it sounds folks!)
  • Pack Tam's bag for the hospital(NB: Include lots of chocolate)
  • Glean a few tips from baby books.
  • Pack Ky's bag too.Make sure it include at least one ball and his fave teddy, Karak
  • Did I mention find a name?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

After doing hard time climbing Mt.Kinabalu we decided an island was in order. Not knowing much about the place we decided to jump head first into life and booked a few nights at a luxury hotel on the Indonesian island of Batam(not far from Singapore). The island turned out to be an absolute dump. An industrial playground that was a cross between Manilla and Baghdad, it was filled with pimps and prostitutes and other unsavory types. We stood out like the proverbial dogs balls everytime we left the hotel. One guy almost got hit crossing the road while he checked out Tam. Our cabs were bomb checked everytime we entered the hotel and once inside we had to got through an airport security style doorway to check for weapons. Not surprisingly we decided to spend most of our time at the hotel which is where we were truly blessed to hear this band of locals playing in one of the restaurants. Fantastic musicians with vocal harmonies without compare, their music lifted our spirits so high that we couldn't stop smiling everytime we heard their joyous music. If you were a musical atheist these guys would make you the truest of believers. They took classics like Honky Tonk Woman, Green Green Grass of Home and Wonderful Tonight and with their voices and their soul and their sheer love of playing together, they made them their own. Truly amazing!  Posted by Hello

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