• Find a great name!(harder than it sounds folks!)
  • Pack Tam's bag for the hospital(NB: Include lots of chocolate)
  • Glean a few tips from baby books.
  • Pack Ky's bag too.Make sure it include at least one ball and his fave teddy, Karak
  • Did I mention find a name?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A few weeks ago the conversation sentence for Tim's Sunflower class was 'What's your favourite sport?'. To give the kids a slightly Oz take on sport, I brought my Aussie Rules footy and my Bombers guernsey to school. After showing how to kick the ball in the classroom - not the best idea in retrospect, especially after the goldfish got severly shaken up after his bowl was struck by a wayward punt kick.(Thank god the Chinese teacher, Jamie, was out of the room at the time!). Later on we tried it outdoors and although a few of them confused it with American Football a few of them did really well. Tiffany,in particular, showed some potential with her kicking skills - and she can run like a jack rabbit! I was quietly stoked the following day when I asked the kids the 'favourite sport' question and one of them, Angel, said Aussie Rules football. l-r: Peggy, Kyle, Marcus, Joel, Tiffany and Angel. Posted by Picasa

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