• Find a great name!(harder than it sounds folks!)
  • Pack Tam's bag for the hospital(NB: Include lots of chocolate)
  • Glean a few tips from baby books.
  • Pack Ky's bag too.Make sure it include at least one ball and his fave teddy, Karak
  • Did I mention find a name?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hey ya! Sheng Dan Kuai le

Here's a few more cheery folks. Orville, Sophia,Vivian, Lynn, Kent, Simone, Wo, Kyan ,Tam and Jamie.

We really have met some wonderful people over here and these great people are just a few of them. We were so glad they could help celebrate with us.

Another friend , Andre, who is the lead violinist with the Taichung Symphony Orchestra ( the dude practises for 7hours a day!) came over later and played an absolutely wondrous set for us. The guy made that violin sing in a way that was truly magical. Just watching that bow skip and slide and dance and dip across those strings was totally mesmerising. We even brought Ky out for a four string serenade( he had kicked along to the rhythm of Andrea's orchestra when we saw them back in August when he was still inutero) but this time sleep was all that was on his mind.

It was a night we won't forget for a long time. Posted by Picasa

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