• Find a great name!(harder than it sounds folks!)
  • Pack Tam's bag for the hospital(NB: Include lots of chocolate)
  • Glean a few tips from baby books.
  • Pack Ky's bag too.Make sure it include at least one ball and his fave teddy, Karak
  • Did I mention find a name?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

last night in da feng

Nicola, Manu and Leah flat out relaxing.....
In a lot of ways my last night in Taiwan was a bit of a downer. Just loungin' around Manu's joint after packing my bags, seemed pretty underwhelming after the last few weeks of farewell dinners, 'good bye and good luck' cards' and even a piano performance by one of my wonderful students at Daya.
Looking back, maybe a chilled-out night was just what I needed.
I worked right up until the two days before I flew out so I was pretty darn tired by this stage and really looking forward to getting home to my family.
Manu had been awesome letting me stay at his joint for the last few weeks before I flew out. We had some great times together during our time in Taiwan, and can't imagine how different it all would've been if I hadn't met up with this crazy, amazing guy from Dunedin in NZ.
I did test out mateship the following morning when I had to drag his arse out of bed at 4am to help get my luggage out of the locked garage.
Although it took ages to wake the sleeping bear, he came to the rescue in the end and I was soon in a taxi and on my way to CKS and home.
Mates like Manu don't come along everyday.
Thanks for everything bro'
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